Marina Khudykh

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Marina Khudykh is a pianist, scenographer, and a director of concert programs. She is a multifaceted phenomenon that can be described with one word – The Artist.
"You think like a rock musician, and I like that."
Teodor Currentzis, conductor, leader of the MusicAeterna orchestra and choir
Marina Khudykh encompasses music, art, and production.

Each new program is always an extraordinary concept creating additional meanings through a precisely calibrated choice of musical compositions, unique scenography and the director's idea. The listener enters "a space within a space", becoming a co-creator, a musician, a performer. But, at the same time, they can remain a mere observer, not taking part in the experiments with perception.
Concert Projects:
Silent Music, a concert & a performance art event. Minimalism and sacred minimalism.

After the first wave of the pandemic, all of us desperately needed to be at peace, to hide from the surrounding chaos, to just stand and stare. To help people achieve that, a program called Silent Music was created to be performed every Friday in a former house church on the Fontanka River Embankment in St. Petersburg for an entire year.
Yarilo, a concert & a performance art event

A symbolic pagan ritual performed at the visual symbol of the monad.A study of Morton Feldman's static time in his Palais de Mari piano piece (Feldman's compositions consist of dots, like pointillists' paintings). After – the Yarilo piece for prepared piano and synthesizer created by Nikolay Korndorf. Yarilo is an Old Slavic god (Yar- in the name means impetus, power, light, therising sun).This is why the monad is the central symbol of the visual solution. A dot, the light, the Absolute.

The OM multimedia performance was held in October 2018 at Sevkabel Port, St. Petersburg.Principal performers: Zarina Shimanskaya, Vasily Khoroshev, Marina Khudykh(3:25)

Conductor: Fedor LednevArt Director: Oleg KulikProducers: Alexey Trifonov, Liza SavinaPerformed musical compositions by Galina Ustvolskaya, Giacinto Scelsi, and Philipp Glass.

Marina Khudykh focuses on contemporary classical music, sometimes convincingly diluted with the traditional "classical" music created by Bach, Rachmaninov, and Scriabin, which, by the way, Marina performs at the highest level. This is not only thanks to her exceptional talent and virtuoso technique, but also because of the training she received both in Russia and in Europe:

• Graduated from the Serge Rachmaninoff Conservatory in Paris, France (where Marina was invited by count Pierre Cheremetieff),
• Attended a series of Sofya Gulyak's workshops in the Royal College of Music in London,
• Received further training from Mikhail Dubov, Head of the Department of Contemporary and Historically Informed Performance (Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble),
• Was invited for PhD studies to Manhattan School of Music (NY)

A prize-winner at numerous international contests

An artist at the Sarah Vinitz Foundation

Collaborates with contemporary composers: Vladimir Rannev, Vladimir Gorlinsky, Aleksey Sysoev, Arvo Pärt, Anton Batagov

Directors: Vera Martynov, Semen Alexandrovsky, Tanya Weinstein, Cyrus Gabrysch (UK)Conductors: Fedor Lednev, Philipp Chizevsky

Artists: Oleg Kulik, Stas Bags, Filipp Firsov, Tigran Malkhasyan

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