A series of live concerts by Marina Khudykh with elements of a happening and performance, combined by the plot, in three parts

Dedicated to all women in Arts

A series of live concerts by Marina Khudykh with elements of a happening and performance, combined by the plot, in three parts

Dedicated to all women in Arts
Where does this journey begin and, above all, what truth awaits us at the end? The artist constantly tries to go beyond the territory, to mix vectors, aesthetic paradigms, the way of perceiving reality. But how do these transformations change him and his relationship with the world?
At what point in the journey can you find happiness or love, and what role do they play in all three time periods? Will this immersive experience be the main engine that leads to the end point? We will gradually seek answers to these questions, taking new revelations from each part of the trilogy
There is no one true path, but there is a path to the truth, and it’s not the only one

Musica sacra


25 October. Kolarac

In the first part you will see the invisible, transparent, inner world of the artist, which we will explore together as a cycle: a day, a project and a lifetime. Scenography and directorial choices have changed the space of the legendary Kolarac Hall beyond recognition, literally sending you into another dimension
The prepared piano, the sound art, the Russian-Serbian dancing choir and the light as a participant will form a single ritual action that will involve the audience in the egregor.
On stage will be pieces by David Lang, Heiner Goebbels, Julius Eastman and two other premieres that will be heard live in Serbia

Musica Ricercata


25 November. Synagogue

The search for happiness, destiny, love or a flight from heaven to earth and back. The precise and concise stage design, in harmony with the synagogue decoration, gives you the opportunity to be alone and with the sound, in an ecstatic rush straight to the dome
Under the vaults of the hall, with the help of piano, voice, harmonium and choreography, you will get to know the sacral minimalism of Arvo Pärt, Györdy Ligeti, David Lang. Works connected with a single plot and monolithic action, change the image of concerts of academic music



1 December. Marina Khudykh Cultural Center

An event mystery about the way to know the unity of the Creator and His creatures. The final programme of the trilogy is open to those who have already experienced the first two paths
Register in advance using the QR code on the ticket and prepare to immerse yourself in your own reality in search of answers
About an Author

Marina Khudykh

Marina Khudykh is a pianist, director of concert programmes, artist of the Sarah Vinitz Foundation. The creator of the international cultural project #Yellowpiano, the speaker of TEDx
Graduated from the Conservatory him. Rachmaninova studied at the Royal College of Music in London and at the British Higher School of Design in "Stage Design". She opened the Cultural Centre in Belgrade, where she regularly performs
Exec. producer

Ekaterina Murzich

She graduated from the St. Petersburg Academy of Theatre Arts and studied in the Theatre and Museum Programme. Design work" The Theatre Institute together with "Golden Mask"
She began working with Marina Khudykh on the project "Musica Ricercata" (Novi Sad, Serbia). At the same time she worked with the music festival "Leningrad Bridges" (St. Petersburg, Russia). At various times she has produced festivals of contemporary art at the Sergey Kuryokhin Centre, as well as independent theatre and exhibition projects
Ekaterina Murzich
Executive producer
Marina Khudykh
Director, pianist, producer, scenarist
Svetlana Popova
Vocals, solo
Svetlana Tertus
Dmitry Ivanilov
Varvara Volavonok
Simonida Rodić
Timur Musaev
Choirmaster, speaker
Marina Khudykh
Svetlana Popova
Anna Solyakova
Ksenia Yurkanova
Valeriia Shurgalina
Elena Nikulina
Margarita Prozhogo
Olga Kuvardina
Anastasiia Kirichek
Atina Gajdos
Olga Uzikaeva
Choreographer, dancer
Lyubov Erina
Choir manager
Jovana Tucovic
Yury Orlov
Light designer
Vasil Panayotov
Denis Musaev
Elena Sviridova
Galina Vladimirova
Content manager
Ivana Malesh
PR manager
Sergei Podluzhnyi
Sound engineer
Timofey Sazeev
Light engineer
Timur Dzhalalov
Telegram bot creator
Egor Zheltoukhov
Yury Orlov
Director of Photography
Konstantin Kondrukhov
Dimitrije Beljanski
Piano ensemble
Ivana Ružičić
Anna Levkovceva
Evgeniy Piankov
Marina Khudykh
Anna Soliakova
Tony Andryukov
Sasha Ezhova
Rade Obradović
Tolya Guselnikov
Ksenia Kim
Sandra Limanskaya
Olga Borisovna Mukhina
Special guest
Sound artist
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